Monday, December 18, 2017


Parents want the very best for their children, and education is a critical factor in their future success. To be competitive in a global economy, they will need multiple skills and studying in STEM related fields will give them a valuable edge in the workplace. We encourage you to use this portal to learn about STEM and resources that are available to help you in the process.

The Orange County Library provides KidsConnect to your community, where they offer various types of Camps, Programs & Events!  For a complete list, please click here

Northrop Grumman features resources for fun and educational STEM activities to share with your family
- click here for more information

Parent Advisory Committee
  • CF STEM PAC Chair will establish a committee of professionals and parents
  • CF STEM PAC will identify programs within schools to establish templates of parental involvement
  • CF STEM PAC will identify avenues of communication to best reach parents (school emails, take homes with students, other media)
  • CF STEM PAC will identify needed resources for parent activities
  • CF STEM PAC will establish a designated email list for on-going communication
[stem]  noun   1. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, is the key to our future careers. STEM encompasses almost everything in our daily lives. How we eat, communicate; solve problems, where we live, virtually all of the things we are exposed to, have been developed with a foundation of STEM knowledge. Think of the games we play after school: WII, Hlo, XBOX, how were these created? Will you be the creator of the Next Big Thing?
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